Tuesday, January 7, 2014

NERVE by Jeanne Ryan

3.5 Stars!

"The game is real. Whatever you do, don't apply and don't watch it next month. Or ever."

                 This book... I'm not even sure where to begin, so I'll just start with the truth: I almost didn't finish it. I was so frustrated with all the characters that I almost said 'to hell with it', but after some reflection, I have to admit that the way characters behaved was shockingly realistic most of the time. And, it really did get pretty interesting about two-thirds of the way through.
                 Vee has always been the girl behind the scenes, the one clapping while other people get their moment, too scared to take a chance because of past mistakes weighing her down. Eventually, in a spur of the moment boost of confidence, and despite her friends warning her against it, she tries out for NERVE. She get's in and this 'harmless' reality show changes her life forever. In the game, she meets Ian, an amazing guy with looks to match and just as much baggage as her, who becomes her partner for the duration of he challenges. Enticed by the prizes offered in the form of their deepest materialistic desires, Vee and Ian are forced to do some horrible things to those they care about as the stakes rise until it turns out the prize they want most is to get out alive.
                 As much as I hate to admit it, the way the characters acted it horribly similar to what happens in real life. Everyone, including the "heroes", are riddled with jealousy and greed; all they want is to win and be rewarded in some way. And, much like today's growing fascination with reality TV, the world loves to watch, especially when the stakes are high. The more dangerous the act, the more millions of fans tune in every week. Thankfully, about two-thirds of the way through Vee and Ian realize that what they'll receive isn't worth the price NERVE is asking and start focusing on getting out, but it isn't easy. This story is action packed with danger at every turn, and a cliff-hanger-like ending that leaves it open to a sequel, which I am definitely hoping for... So the question is, do you have the NERVE to go along for the ride?

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