Sunday, February 16, 2014

Trouble by Samantha Towle

4.5 stars!

 “Sometimes that’s all it takes. Just one person to turn everything on its head. Remind you of the person you were.”
            Damn it, I’m a sap. I loved this book! Mia and Jordan are electric, battling the odds and trying to stay together! Mia had been beaten by her father since she was a little girl. Silently, she endured, covering her bruises and going about her so-called “life”, never realizing there could be something more. Then one day, her equally abusive boyfriend goes too far, sending Mia on the run.
            Hiding from both her boyfriend and her past, Mia journeys to Colorado in search of a mother she never knew to find the answers that just may let her move on, but finds Jordan instead. Jordan is everything Mia should be running from. He’s tattooed, a bit of an ass, and goes through women faster than she can blink. He’s nothing but trouble, but she can’t stay away. Neither can he; for the first time in his life, Jordan’s ready for things to be different.

            Together, Mia and Jordan search for her mother, learning more and more about each other along the way. As the demons that haunt them start closing in, secrets that threaten to tear Mia and Jordan apart rise to the surface; they learn that you can’t run from the past forever-- it eventually leads to nothing but heartache. Their love will be pushed to the test as they’re forced to decide just how much Trouble they can handle.

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