Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout

5 Stars!

"I promised I'd keep you safe forever. Just don't make a sound."
           Wow, this is unlike anything Jennifer Armentrout has ever written before! The story somehow reminded me of something Colleen Hoover would write but still possessed Armentrout's unique voice in a way that has nearly rendered me speechless! The Problem With Forever navigates the life-altering reunion of two teens who share a heartbreaking past as they deal with love and loss and discover just what real life can be like.
           Mallory Dodge has spent the last four years trying to recover from a childhood spent hiding in a closet from the monsters that roamed the halls of her house, but never for a second did she forget Rider Stark. He was her protector and her best friend before they were torn from each other after things literally went up in flames and she hasn't seen him since. But, by some miraculous twist of fate, Mallory steps foot into her much dreaded speech class only to discover she's sitting next to the boy she never thought she'd see again. Except, now they're not little kids anymore and the feelings that surface turn out to be larger than life.
           However, neither of them left that house unscathed; both have deep physical and emotional scars that affect them in different ways. Mallory's often try to steal her voice, leaving her struggling to get all the words in her head to sneak past her lips, and even though Rider's better at hiding what's going on with him, it's his baggage that could be what tears them apart again. If they really want a future together, they'll have to come to terms with their pasts and try to figure out how to fix The Problem With Forever.

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