Monday, February 26, 2018

Secret Heir (Dynasty #1) by M.J. Prince

4 Stars!

A big thank you goes out to M.J. Prince for the ARC in exchange for a free and honest review!

"You were born a god and made to live like a human."
             A solid start to what's bound to be an interesting series! Jazmine had a strong voice to match her character as a funny and capable heroine! Prince has done an excellent job balancing a boarding-school, star-crossed romance with otherworldly powers and experiences. I'm excited to see how she continues from here.
             After being spirited away by her long lost grandfather and finding out she's half Seraph, a race of god-like beings with elemental powers that inhabit a world called Eden, Jazmine is having a hard time adjusting. It doesn't help that she's apparently a Dynasty Heir (Seraph royalty) and her fellow royals can't stand her and aspire to make her life in heaven hell. Leading the pack is Raphael St. Tristan, the asinine hottie and future king. Forced into the same house and boarding school with the other heirs, Jazmine is constantly being reminded of her inadequacy. Not about to be stepped on, Jazmine has no problem fighting back and engages in a full out war. Until, one day, something changes and the attraction between her and Raph becomes more than either can deny. Still, it may not be enough. No one in this world wants them together, do they want each other enough to make it work anyway?
            While I found the premise interesting and the feud between Raph and Jaz extremely entertaining, there were times that some of the description got a bit repetitive and over the top. However, the shining star is the great chemistry Raph and Jaz have. It's a perfect mix of hot and exciting that never seems forced. But even though there's an immense fire between them, not everything is as it seems. When there's royalty and power involved, lies and deceit are never far behind. Life is hard when you're a Secret Heir.

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