Saturday, June 6, 2015

Reborn by C.C. Hunter

4.5 stars!

“… we're vampires. And we're no more monstrous than any other species. Humans included. Good, bad, and evil isn't species-specific. Don't you ever question that."
     Reading this book felt like coming home: Shadow Falls is back, baby! Now that Kylie finally knows her place in this world, we get a front row seat as our favorite kickass vamp figures it out! Della’s even more amazing than I remember and I can’t wait to follow her on the rest of her adventures!
     In true C.C. Hunter fashion, I sense a love triangle forming; except this time, unlike easily choosing Lucas over Derek, I find myself unable to decide which “Team” I’m on. On one hand, there’s Steve, the swoon worthy shape-shifter, whose heart of gold causes Della’s to melt-- no matter how much she tries to ignore it. But when Chase, the annoying (and hot!) new vampire, takes an odd interest in her she can’t help but feel curious. When Burnett throws Della and Chase together on the case of a murdering vampire, the mysterious newcomer leaves Della with more questions than answers.
      Boys seem to be the least of Della’s problems, though. Between an unknown ghost following her around, tension in her family, and suddenly running a fever, Della’s got enough on her plate. Thankfully all the old favorites are there to lend a hand, but will they figure it out in time? Will Della’s immortal life come to a sudden, tragic end? Or, will she find out what it truly means to be Reborn?

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