Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Summer That Melted Everything by Tiffany McDaniel

4.5 Stars!

A big 'Thank you' goes out to Tiffany McDaniel for the E-ARC through NetGalley!

"The heat brought out the throbs in hearts, the fevers, the things that couldn't be let go of. It was a perfect extractor of pain and frustration, of anger and loss. It brought everything to the surface and sweated it out."
               I have to be honest, The Summer That Melted Everything isn't something that I would've picked up off the shelf for myself; it's just not within my usual tastes. That being said, I was simply blown away by the incredible writing and disturbingly captivating story contained with in the pages. Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe we're looking at what will soon be known as a classic!
               When Fielding's father, Autopsy Bliss, put an invitation to the devil in the newspaper, not for one second did anybody in Breathed, Ohio think he'd actually show up. Yet when a mysterious little boy named Sal rolls into town claiming to be the big man Lucifer himself with a hell-fire of a heatwave on his heels, things quickly get out of hand. An ill-fated string of events continues to rock the small town and soon, everyone's blaming the devil for anything they can think of, causing a hateful mob to rise up. They're thirsty for blood, out to destroy Satan himself, and may God have mercy on anyone who stands in their way. Early on, lines are drawn in the sand when even skeptics are made believers. Be careful when picking sides, because nothing is as it seems and even bystanders will be caught in the crossfire.
              Both beautifully written and darkly thought provoking, Tiffany McDaniel's debut novel is rich with endless possibilities for interpretation! I can easily see this being read in a classroom setting alongside well known classics such as The Crucible and Invisible Man and stimulating intense discussion as well! Is the devil really visiting backwater Ohio, or is Sal just a scared little boy so haunted by his demons that he can't tell where he ends and they begin? Will Breathed manage to get a breath of fresh air long enough to cool the hate threatening to burn it to the ground, or will this really be The Summer That Melted Everything?

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