Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ten Tiny Breaths (Ten Tiny Breaths #1) by K.A. Tucker

4.5 Stars!

"Hope. Hope that something beautiful may come from this tragic story. Fear. Fear that it won't. Forgiveness... forgiveness."
              When I first started reading Ten Tiny Breaths, I hadn't been planning on finding another favorite, but lo and behold I was pleasantly surprised! Fans of Jessica Sorensen and Colleen Hoover will fall in love with this story that's full of romance in the midst of heartbreaking pasts as well as the struggle characters face to build a new family after everything is ripped away.
              Kacey Cleary's life is a wreak. It has been for the past four years, since the night she lost almost everyone she loved to a drunk driver when she was the only one to make it out of her parent's twisted Audi alive. She doesn't talk about that night. Ever. Not even with her little sister Livie, the only living person she allows herself to care about. Needless to say, Kacey's scars run deeper than the ones left over from where the doctors pieced her back together. The last straw comes when Kacey's pervert uncle crawls into bed with Livie one night, causing Kacey to take her sister and flee to Miami in search of a fresh start. Enter Trent, the Cleary sisters' hot and enigmatic new neighbor, who takes a special interest in Kacey. At first glance, Trent is the perfect guy. He's patient, protective, and entirely intent on making her happy. The problem with seemingly perfect people is that they usually have the biggest skeletons in their closet, and Trent's skeleton may be the death of his and Kacey's relationship before it even begins. Hopefully Kacey, with the help of her new friends at the local strip club, will be able to figure out Trent's past before she loses the thing she guards as closely as her sister-- her heart.
              While I loved this book, I have to admit that some of it was very predictable. I mean, I guessed Trent's "secret" by just reading the blurb. But, I was still a bit surprised by the depth of his problems. I still really liked him though... not sure what that says about me. Kacey's both funny and badass, but her troubles are slowly drowning her. Will her slightly mismatched band of misfits that's starting to become her family drag her to shore in time? Or will she find out that her mother was right and she only needs to take Ten Tiny Breaths in order to make it through this?

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