Friday, October 14, 2016

Remember Yesterday (Forget Tomorrow #2) by Pintip Dunn

4.5 Stars!

A big 'Thank you' goes out to Entangled Teen, Pintip Dunn, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review an E-ARC as well as Chapter by Chapter for allowing my participation in the blog tour!

"You can change your future all you want, but you will never get away from walking certain paths."
          It's rare to find a sequel that's just as addicting as the first, but here it is! Remember Yesterday is every sci-fi lover's dream and fans of Forget Tomorrow will not be disappointed! Jessa's story is filled with twists and turns that will get your adrenaline pumping and mess with your sleep patterns because it's near impossible to put down!
          Callie's sister Jessa isn't the sweet, innocent little girl she used to be. That girl died the minute her sister killed herself in front of her very eyes just over ten years ago. Now seventeen, Jessa isn't sure if Callie's sacrifice was worth it and feels tremendous guilt over the hole her absence has left in everyone's lives.  That guilt and desire to be worthy of her sister's unconditional love makes Jessa a risk taker, devoted to making sure that the future Callie tried to stop doesn't become the present.
          When a rat rescue goes awry, Jessa is forced to get close to the arrogant and annoyingly attractive boy-genius Tanner Callahan, the embodiment of everything she despises. He's a scientist determined to discover the secret of Future Memory, the very thing young Jessa was tortured to obtain and Callie died to destroy. But is there more to him than meets the eye? Is he really just a mislead pawn in Chairwoman Dresden's evil plan? Unsure, Jessa must make the choice to team up with him anyway because Tanner has access the thing she wants most in the world: her sister Callie-- alive.
          Jessa and her family have been being lied to for the past ten years, Callie didn't die after injecting herself, but it was close and she's been in a coma all this time with her body hidden deep within the floors under TechRA. Now she's fading fast; her mind, unable to find hold of the present, is threatening to give out and her only hope at survival lies with her sister and the connection they share. On her mission to save Callie, Jessa will come face to face with her worst fears and find out that she plays a greater part in the events of the past and future than she ever thought possible. Will she succeed or is this fate already Fixed?
          The world Pintip Dunn has constructed is so rich and ingeniously built! I absolutely loved the way fate and time are explained, it's easily understandable and makes sense without the headache that normally surrounds issues and complexities of time travel. It's also great that almost all characters from Forget Tomorrow were present and that we get to see how there lives change and if/how their future memories change and play out. There are a few plot twists and surprises that I totally should have seen coming, but still managed to jump out of the bushes and smack me upside the head anyway. Keep in mind, when you're out to change the course of the world, it's important to Remember Yesterday!

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