Sunday, October 30, 2016

Capering on Glass Bridges (The Hawk of Stone #1) by Jessica Hernandez

3.5 Stars!

A big 'Thank you' goes out to Jessica Hernandez for the e-book!

"Just because we cannot right all of the wrongs does not mean that we shouldn't do something about the ones we can fix."
              I was originally drawn to this book by the stunning cover and interesting title. Isn't it flawless? I have to say, the world Hernandez has built within the pages is both complex and utterly unique, but there were moments I had a hard time keeping up.
              Kaia Stone has always known she was a little different; whether it's more do with that she doesn't have a canonipom like everyone else in her family or because she suddenly came back from the dead after six years as a child is anyone's guess. Yet, none of that prepared her to be summoned to the Capitol without warning and asked to go on a quest to the cursed Kingdom of Mar. Her mission, along with the help of a few princes, a kingsman, her  sister, and a couple of Speakers, is to deliver a message to the King that may just break the curse. Their journey will not be an easy one. With members of their party keeping secrets and outside forces plotting against them, does this venture even have a chance at success?
              I wasn't lying when I said that Capering on Glass Bridges was complex. In fact, I had to take notes while I was reading in order to keep up, but that could have just been me. I felt like Hernandez went through so much trouble to create this rich and original world for this story to take place in, but didn't take nearly as much time to explain it. Perhaps it was intentional, but the whole 'outsider looking in' feel doesn't really work for me. I like the idea, but I would have liked more explanation so I could better understand and connect to what was going on in the text.

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