Thursday, November 10, 2016

Love Me Never (Lovely Vicious #1) by Sara Wolf

4.5 Stars!

Thank you to Chapter by Chapter and NetGalley for the e-book!

"'re miserably sad and dour, hiding it behind jokes and passionate outbursts. You're like fire. But it's a sickly fire."
         This was absolutely brilliant! Full of humor with mixed heartache, Love Me Never is a story you mustn't miss! Isis is hilariously relatable yet debatably insane, while Jack is so distant but never seems to miss a thing. Together they're a storm of fire and ice that is bound to melt even the frostiest heart. 
         After vowing to never, ever fall in love again, not even with hot, never-gonna-happen tv actors, Isis Blake moves across the country to forget her past and finish her last year of high school with a clean slate. Unfortunately, her debut on the social scene of her new school ends in an act of war when she punches the irritatingly attractive "ice-prince" Jack Hunter for being a complete asshat. As it turns out, they're evenly matched in intelligence and seem to enjoy tormenting each other far too much. Instead of studying to get into a nearby university so she can be close to her troubled mother, Isis' days are filled with coming up with new ways to battle Jack because it seems that everything is fair game, even the past she thought was buried. However, it seems that his royal highness has some secrets of his own and Isis will stop at nothing to find out what they are once and for all, but what if it's darker than she ever thought possible?
         This was everything I was looking for and more! It's funny yet dark and twisty; addressing issues that often go ignored or unseen, like the after effects of bullying, body image, guilt, and abuse. Isis and Jack are just two kids dealing with their own private hells, just trying to find ways to make it through another day, but maybe they're just what the other needs. Can they risk opening themselves up? Or will they choose to pluck petals until it comes down to Love Me Never?

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