Saturday, January 28, 2017

Riveted (Saints of Denver #3) by Jay Crownover

5 Stars!

Thank you to HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction for the ARC through NetGalley
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"...this is going to be the biggest battle you've ever fought and you'll never have been so happy to lose when you finally surrender."
                Finally! Full of sagely advice, guilt over the past, fear of the future, and the search for love, Riveted brings us back to the astounding quality and overall level of captivating brilliance that I haven't felt since the glory days of the Marked Men series. Of course, I still like the early installments of Saints of Denver, but I often found myself feeling like they were just missing something. This was not the case with Riveted.
                Dixie Carmichael has always believed in that forever, fairytale kind of love. He parents have it, her sister had it, and she will settle for nothing less than having that for herself. As far as Dixie's concerned, she'll know her perfect guy when she sees him and thinks she's on the right track the second a tall, dark, and silent ex-soldier becomes her new coworker. Too bad he's decided he wants no part in her starry-eyed bedtime story. 
                Dash Churchill has been on the run for the past decade. First he ran to the army and became just Church, then he hid away in Denver for a while after that. He's been running from everyone he loves and anyone who could ever love him for so long, that when an accident forces him to return to his hometown, he panics. By convincing Dixie to go back to Lowry with him in order to help cover the lie he told his family, Church knows he's playing with fire. He's wanted her from the start, but since every woman he gets to close to always seems to meet a tragic end, he knows it only ends in disaster. Still, Dixie's determined to get under his skin, worm her way into his heart, and stay there. Unfortunately, temptation isn't the only one that's followed them back to the Delta and is threatening to flip their lives upside down. The question is, is this darger after Church, who has plenty of enemies, or his little ray of sunshine?
                I absolutely loved it! Dixie was so lovable and Church-- HOT DAMN! Also, all the little extra parts with Poppy and Wheeler have made me even more excited to read Salvaged. Hold on tight people, and clear your schedules, because this one is packed with just the right amount of love, humor, and close calls that's bound to leave you Riveted.

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