Wednesday, December 27, 2017

When Sh*t Gets in the Way (When Life Gets in the Way #2) by Ines Vieira

4.5 Stars!

A huge 'Thank you' goes out to Ines Vieira for the e-book!

"...don't tell me you're not mine when everything that I am has your imprint on it."
                  I loved it even more than the first! Quaid and Jess are just so cute and lively that I read it in a day and a half. I like that the timeline overlaps with the last few chapters of When Life Gets in the way because I think it adds something more to all the characters and helps make their lives so much richer.
                  Jessica Silva has a lot going on in her life. Her cousin Isaac is gone and her uncle Hector is still hell bent on proving that he's the most disgusting human being in a hundred-mile radius, she isn't handling her first year at Columbia as well as she hoped, and having to spend time with Quaid Stevens is absolutely driving her up the wall. Sure, she had a thing for him in high school, how couldn't she when he's so seemingly perfect? But, Jess believes perfection is a beautiful lie. And she can't stand liars.
                  Quaid comes from a family obsessed with perfection. It doesn't matter if your life is a shit-show as long as you keep up appearances. He isn't used to letting people get close enough to know about the skeletons hiding in the closet or the ones running around in broad daylight in expensive high heels. But, Jessica Silva has him thinking about changing his mind. That girl is a force of nature and he'd better strap himself in so he can ride out the storm. She wants to see imperfection he's trying to hide, but can he survive showing her?
                 I absolutely adore Jess! She's so fiery and passionate about everything she does that you can't help but feel yourself get ready to take up arms with her. She's smart and funny in a way that keeps the normally quiet Quaid on his toes. They challenge each other in the best ways possible. He pushes her to be all that she can be and protects against those who try to kill her spirit. In turn, she teaches him to relax and enjoy life without the constraints his grandparents try to put on him. Together they could be unstoppable. But, can they make it through all the lies and hurdles or just give up and call  it quits When Sh*t Gets in the Way?

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