Sunday, April 17, 2016

Full Measures (Flight & Glory #1) by Rebecca Yarros

5 Stars!

"Live, baby. Laugh, cry, scream, and love. Realize that every moment you have is worth ever drop of sweat and tears you can give it.”
            New favorite! Full Measures beautifully describes exactly what it’s like to cope with the aftermath of love and loss and how hard it can be to move on. Ember and Josh’s story is definitely one that will make you feel practically everything on the human spectrum of emotion! December Howard opens the front door on her birthday and is greeted with news that will change her life forever, but she has no idea just how much. In the wake of her father’s death in Afghanistan, Ember struggles to hold her family together even when she’s barely hanging on by a thread. Thankfully, Josh Walker, her little brother’s hockey coach (not to mention her ex-bad-boy high school crush), is more than willing to help her with “whatever” she needs. Josh has secretly had a thing for Ember since he was eighteen, but kept it to himself because he knew he wasn’t good enough for her… yet. Now he’s ready to have what he’s always wanted if he can just convince Ember to take a chance.
            Love isn’t exactly what Ember has in mind at the moment. She has enough on her plate trying to keep her little sister from going off the deep end, dealing with the fallout from her asshole ex, and keeping the grief left by her father’s passing from swallowing her whole. Not to mention she never wants to see herself fall apart like her mother did when those two officers knocked on their door. Still, she can’t seem to stay away from a very persistant Josh. And just when she thinks they might be able to make things work, Ember finds out a secret that could shatter everything they’ve built. When it comes to experiencing the Full Measures of love, life, and loss, just how much can they handle?

Songs it makes me think of:
Battleships – Daughtry
Beside You – Marianas Trench
My Girl’s Ex-Boyfriend – Relient K
Still Worth Fighting For – My Darkest Days

Where We Left Off – Hunter Hayes

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